We found an article covering Raynaud’s symptoms affecting the nipples in the Hippocratic Post, a global blogging site based in the UK specializing in medical issues.

The author Caroline Goldstein was ahead of most sufferers, as her medical studies made her aware of the condition responsible for her painful fingers and toes on frosty days that plagued her since her late teens.  However, like most Frosties, she didn’t seek medical attention for her Raynaud’s symptoms over the years, thinking it’s something you just suffer through and live with.

After childbirth, she began experiencing excruciating pain in her nipples just after breast feeding, but didn’t associate the symptoms with Raynaud’s despite being a “qualified doctor with specialist knowledge of autoimmune diseases.”  It was so severe that she finally consulted her GP who fortunately identified Raynaud’s as the cause.  Once she started taking a calcium channel blocker, drugs clinically proven to help reduce Raynaud’s attacks, she found immediate relief.  Caroline also was careful to warm her chest with lots of layers and have a flannel blanket handy as a cover up once her baby was finished feeding and her nipple would be exposed to the cold air.

Now she’s made it a mission to help increase awareness of Raynaud’s of the nipple, particularly since so many women with Raynaud’s are misdiagnosed with thrush when experiencing breastfeeding issues and are then prescribed the wrong medications.

We applaud Caroline’s efforts.  You can read her story in the article Raynaud’s Affects Nipples Too.  Also below are links to earlier blog posts on our site covering Raynaud’s and breastfeeding:

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