Nets Over $3,000 to Benefit Raynaud’s Association
with Race For Raynaud’s Event

Race for Raynaud'sWhat can one person do to raise awareness and funds for Raynaud’s? A lot, it turns out! Boosting awareness and raising money to support the work of the Raynaud’s Association were on her mind when Frostie Nicole Holzer decided to take on the fundraising challenge with a Race for Raynaud’s event..

“When I ran in a half-marathon recently, it was for a good cause.  But I asked myself, Why don’t I run for a cause that I can personally identify with the next time?” Then she contacted the Raynaud’s Association.

Nicole’s “Race for Raynaud’s” in September netted nearly $3,400 for the Raynaud’s Association, far exceeding her goal. “My goal was $500, so I was really happy with the response,” she said.

Indeed! The 5K and 10K segments of the race attracted 45 runners—and a whole lot of awareness in her suburban Chicago community. Nicole, 26, said she has had Raynaud’s “as long as I can remember.” Her fraternal twin sister also has it. Although both were diagnosed with primary Raynaud’s, they also suffer from migraines.

A manager at the Redstone American Grill chain, with a masters degree in business management, Nicole said. “I’ve always been a researcher so I researched everything I could about planning an event like this — planning the route, getting participants, insurance, etc.”

“It was so much fun and I learned a lot,” she concluded. “I met a ton of people who have Raynaud’s,” she noted. “Many people reached out to me, telling me stories about their own Raynaud’s.”

Nicole says she plans to do another Race for Raynaud’s in 2018. Asked how others in various communities can sponsor such an event, Nicole says, “Each municipality has different requirements. The first step is to contact your city hall to find what the steps are in your community.”

In Nicole’s town, the Office of the City Clerk has a special events coordinator who provides the necessary documents needed to be completed for approval of the event. These documents include a special event application, property owner letter authorizing use of the property, site plan, and certificate of insurance listing the city as additionally insured.

The special event application covers everything that would take place at the event. The fee for Nicole’s race was $125. “Additional fees may be added to other types of events (e.g., for sound amplification, temporary liquor license, tent inspection, stage inspection, and raffle permit,” she noted. Prices vary depending on location.

Nicole advises the event coordinator to have the following information set when submitting the application:

  • Type and name of event
  • Location and date(s) of the event
  • Set-up time and dismantle time for the event
  • Expected number of participants, spectators, and/or volunteers
  • The URL of the website for the event
  • Proof of the tax-exempt status of the sponsoring organization (the Raynaud’s Association is a bona fide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization)
  • A plan for vendors and facilities required to support the event (e.g., food, waste containers, security, medical assistance, traffic control, etc.)
  • Documentation of a short-term insurance policy covering the event.  Note:  The Raynaud’s Association will reimburse fundraisers for any related out-of-pocket costs such as permits and insurance (just seek approval in advance).

Once all steps of the event application are completed, the local special events coordinator will review all submitted documents for approval and will return an official event permit.

“The community really rallied behind this cause,” said Nicole. “We got donations from sponsors and individuals and a lot of appreciation from participants and spectators for teaching them about Raynaud’s.”

Editor’s Note: For additional ways to raise funds for Raynaud’s go to Raise Money for Raynaud’s on our website.  Do you have an idea for a fundraiser in your community? Please share your thoughts with fellow Frosties. 

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