Article on Living with Raynaud'sWe found an article on Living with Raynaud’s on an international blog serving people with autoimmune disorders.

The article does a nice job of outlining lifestyle changes, strategies for protection against the cold, and medical treatment options.  Much of this information is available in general articles about Raynaud’s phenomenon.

What the post does that many articles miss is outline additional triggers that can cause or aggravate Raynaud’s, including:

  • Use of vibrating tools and equipment or repetitive hand motions – Vibration White Finger is the term used for a form of secondary Raynaud’s experienced by construction workers, woodworkers, dentists, stenographers, pianists, and other professionals or hobbyists who expose their fingers to continuous pressure over time. (For more information on Vibration White Finger, see our post on Useful Facts on Vibration White Finger)
  • Industrial chemicals or toxins – It’s important to wear protective gear to minimize exposure.
  • Certain medications and over-the-counter drugs – Migraine medications, drugs given to treat cancer patients, beta blockers used to lower blood pressure, birth control pills, allergy medicines and diet aids – all of the above can potentially narrow the arteries and constrict the blood vessels.

It’s good to get the word out about these potential causes and triggers that can negatively affect Raynaud’s sufferers.

Here’s the full article on  Living with Raynaud’s

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