Botox® Treatments for Raynaud'sLittle information has been published regarding the use of Botox® treatments for Raynaud’s, so we were glad to find a useful article on the Warm& web site.

It covers such questions as:

  • Overall description of how Botox® works for mainstream cosmetic surgery applications.
  • Off-label applications for the drug, including treatment of chronic migraines and Raynaud’s.
  • Explanation of how Botox® works to block nerve activity to stop vasospasms involved in Raynaud’s attacks.
  • How the procedure works, including where surgeons make injections on the hand.
  • How long the treatment lasts and potential side effects.
  • Listing of clinical studies involving the drug for Raynaud’s patients.
  • Criteria for likely candidates for the procedure.

While initial tests are promising, they are limited, and Botox® is not a permanent cure, nor an option for