In our Spring 2018 Hot Products section we’re featuring some interesting new high-tech and more basic product discoveries that may benefit Raynaud’s sufferers:

Hot Products Spring 2018 - Embr WaveEmbr Wave – We first mentioned this product when it was in development under the name Wristify about three years ago.  It’s a metal wrist band with an aluminum charging plate that offers on-demand heat (or a cool burst) when you need it.  The design looks more like an Apple Watch than the original bracelet band design, but we’re glad to see it’s finally available.  When you want a burst of heat, just press the plate for warmth and it cycles through heat waves directed to your skin for about five minutes.  If you need more, press the plate for another cycle.

We found that the product did a nice job of providing a level of warm comfort, but it is limited.  Unless you’re wearing two of them, you can only warm one wrist at a time.  And while the manufacturer claims the skin contact to the wrist will warm the full body, our other hand with cold fingers was feeling pretty needy when testing it, so we had to keep switching from one hand to the other.  If you’re using it where you’re exposed to cold for any length of time (like an air-conditioned room), you’ll need to keep renewing the cycle every five minutes which can get tedious.

Still it’s an inventive solution for short-term exposure (like the freezer section of a grocery store), and does offer value for providing warmth indoors where gloves are not practical (e.g., in an office), or for a quick warm-up after a Raynaud’s attack.  We see the Embr Wave as an adjunct to a Frostie’s portfolio of warming tools, not a glove/mitten replacement.

It’s great to see such innovative applications of technology for warming the body, and this company’s recognition of the Raynaud’s community.   The Embr Wave is priced at $299 with a 30-day trial period and appears to be selling out pretty quickly.  Most of the reviews are for hot flash benefits (using the cool burst feature), but here’s a video review by one Frostie who is a big fan:

Hot Products Spring 2018  - Bombas Socks PhotoBombas Wool Socks – When we mentioned we were looking for more warm toe solutions, fellow Frostie Barbara suggested we consider Bombas brand of socks.  At first skeptical because these socks aren’t promoted for their warmth, we checked out their wool options and found that they contain a higher level of wool content than Smartwool’s brand (a highly rated product by Frosties).  So we gave them a try and found them to be incredibly warm and comfy!  In fact, they were so warm that we invited the company to become a Raynaud’s Association Sponsor.  Unfortunately they never responded, but we still wanted to share this comfy solution for Frosties’ chilly toes.

Bombas wool socks sell for $18 a pair or about $51 for set of three in assorted colors.  If you do try them and have a positive experience, please alert the manufacturer so that they start to notice the Raynaud’s community!

Hot Products Spring 2018 - G-Tech Hoodie PhotoG-Tech Heated Hoodie 
– We’ve been a fan of G-Tech’s toasty Hand Warmer for some time.  Now we’re glad to announce that the manufacturer has imbedded their awesome technology into a Heated Hoodie, so your clothing literally has a built-in hand warmer right in the front pouch!

The hoodie has a sporty look that’s light and water resistant with a soft, snuggly inner layer.  And we love that the outer fabric is smooth, allowing the hoodie to easily slide under any jacket or coat for times when you need an extra layer.  The athletic fit runs a bit small, so consider sizing up if you order.  They sell for $119.99, a great price for such a unique  and useful addition to any Frostie’s wardrobe!

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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