Member Tips – Spring 2018

Raynaud's Member Tips - Spring 2018Two members told us about their successful experiences with our Sponsors’ products and agreed to share them with fellow Raynaud’s sufferers in our Member Tips – Spring 2018 post:

Sheila told us “I just wanted to say thank you.  I had tried everything to keep my fingers from going white.  I only work 3 miles down the street, and I tried many products, but nothing worked and I spent 20 minutes running hot water over my fingers when I got home.  I found your website and purchased a pair of gloves from FibreHeat™ (formerly known as UNIQKNITS™) I found my fingertips still hurt but no white fingers to run under water when I got home.

She saw in our product review on the gloves that their insulating properties don’t work when wet (but return once dry again), so she found a solution that enables her to use FibreHeat™ gloves when scraping the ice and snow off her car windows:  She bought a pair of Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women in X-Large to wear over them, as they are part spandex and rubber for a good outer layer.  They fit right over her FibreHeat™ gloves and kept them dry.  The result – with the extra layer, no more hurting and no white fingers!

Sheila gave us a nice pat on the back for our Marketplace products:  “THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing potential ideas to those of us that need it!”  You’re so welcome Sheila!

Valerie sent us a note saying “Buying Hot Hands® foot warmers has literally changed my life. I used to get horrible black, painful toes.  Some years, skin grafts were recommended, and it was difficult to wear shoes.  Now, I use these stick-on heat pads that have COMPLETELY eliminated my toe issues. It’s been three years now, and I have not had a single toe issue. In winter, I layer two pads on each foot, and I only need one on each side in the summer. Yes, I used to get the frozen toes even in summer😢

So glad the Hot Hands® Toe Warmers work well for you Valerie!

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