Invention of Sunloops™When a Raynaud’s sufferer shares what works for them, we usually include it in the Member Tips section of our site and newsletter.  But when Sandy from Colorado shared her story with us, we wanted to applaud her creative solution in a bigger way and share her invention of Sunloops with fellow Frosties.

First, Sandy’s story:  She’s a teacher and avid outdoors woman.  Once she reached middle age, she discovered her hands turning white when becoming chilled, excited or stressed.  It was painful, annoying and difficult to conceal in public.  Eventually she was diagnosed with Raynaud’s and could put a name to her pain.  Attacks became an issue at work, and limited her ability to enjoy the outdoor sports she loved.

She tried many of the traditional and nontraditional approaches to managing her Raynaud’s, including massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, biofeedback, mindfulness, and medication, but found these solutions to be limiting, expensive or just not enough.  With a background in jewelry design and textiles, she partnered with her friend Jill and together with their collective initiative and creative skills, they invented SunLoops.

Sunloops Package - Invention of Sunloops™SunLoops can be generically described as hand warmer holders, or “Heater Holders” as they are referenced on their web site.  The product consists of a nylon spandex band that fits around the knuckles, covering the lower part of the fingers, and middle of the palm.  The band has a pocket that holds a disposable hand warmer in position, so it is wrapped either under or over the knuckles (your choice).  The warmer provides steady heat for hours to the hands while allowing freedom of movement to type, hold a phone, use ski poles, grab bike handles, weed the garden, or whatever your pleasure!  For additional warmth, the bands can be worn inside a glove or mitten, or over a lighter glove.

We haven’t tried the product, but it does appear promising, particularly for situations where it’s borderline cold and you need a lot of dexterity.  We see them as an alternative to heated Wristies® which have been popular with Raynaud’s sufferers for many years.  As the thumbs are uncovered and unheated, this could be an issue for longer or extreme cold applications, but they certainly offer a useful option to be included in a Frostie’s portfolio of warming products.

Here’s the SunLoops web site and our product review page for more information.

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