Cold Shoulder GraphicFor Raynaud’s Awareness Month this October, we’re launching a new campaign titled “Don’t Turn a Cold Shoulder to Painful Fingers.” We’re urging sufferers, plus their doctors, friends, family and co-workers not to dismiss the pain Raynaud’s sufferers endure.

How many Frosties have been told by their physicians “move to Florida” or “just stay warm,” without further examination?  My personal experience was with a doctor who told me “You have poor circulation, wear support hose.”  I had to put my foot down and threaten not to leave her office until she could tell me what was wrong or refer me to someone who could.

Often family, friends and co-workers may be unsympathetic to the pain of a Raynaud’s attack.  Family members might think sufferers are just trying to get attention. Co-workers often grovel when asked to adjust the thermostat. Friends comment that wearing gloves in 60-degree weather looks silly.

Stand Up for the Right to Be Taken Seriously

Raynaud’s is a widespread disorder.  It affects 5 to 10% of the population, 20% of all women of childbearing age (nine out of ten sufferers are female), but only 10% seek treatment.  And often when they do, or attempt to make their environment more comfortable, they get pushback.

In celebration of Raynaud’s Awareness Month, let’s stand up for our right to be taken seriously.  Let’s help fellow Frosties understand they are not alone, that they are not imagining or exaggerating their pain, and they don’t have to accept the cold shoulder treatment.

Please Share Your Cold Shoulder Stories

We’d like to hear from you with your stories of being dismissed by people you know or care about and their lack of understanding or belief that your pain and discomfort has a medical explanation.

You can add your experiences to the comments section below, or share them on our Facebook page.  Together we can stop the “Cold Shoulder” treatment!

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