Summer is a tough time to find new products offering warmth to those with Raynaud’s, but we did find a couple of new ones. Here are our hot products for Summer 2019:

Hot Products for Summer 2019

USB Heated Gloves – We found these colorful fingerless heated gloves on House Beautiful’s web site, suggesting them to those who feel frozen at their desks in summer months. Sound familiar? They are said to be made of wool, but they appear more like a fluffy acrylic. The important part is there’s a warming pad inside, so they are great for typing at your computer, as the hands are kept warm, but the fingers are free to move. The product is similar in concept to the Heated Wristies® we’ve tested, but instead of inserting a disposable heat pack (like HotHands®), these gloves plug right into your USB port. Available in three fun striped color combinations. Here’s the best part (drum roll…) – they sell on Amazon for just $5 (including shipping)! The downside is that they must stay plugged in to work, but if you’re at your desk anyway, that shouldn’t be a hardship. At the price, we question the quality, but even if they don’t last forever, you could afford to purchase a few to survive the summer chills in the office. Let us know if you try them!

Hot Products for Summer 2019

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish – Heidi on Facebook brought this brand to our attention. We’ve posted in the past about the potential connection between Raynaud’s and exposure to solvents. Toluene and acetone are key ingredients found in most nail polish and polish removers, so we were happy to learn about Dr.’s Remedy – a brand made of all natural, vegan ingredients like organic tea tree oil and lavender. The product line was created by podiatrists, and is sold by doctors, wellness clinics and spas. Finally strong, healthy nails without the chemicals! Dr.’s Remedy also makes polish remover and treatment products in addition to their colorful assortment of polish. Prices range from $17 for polish to $30 for cuticle oil. Available at Dr.’s Remedy’s web site, or we’ve also found the brand on Amazon.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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