Fight Against the Cold

We understand that this giving season is challenging for many.  So for those of you who can’t help us with financial support, please consider helping us to spread the word about Raynaud’s in our fight against the cold. 

You already know about Raynaud’s, but most sufferers – 90% – don’t know they have a medical condition, and so they don’t seek medical help. That’s 9 out of 10 of the 15 million+ people estimated to have Raynaud’s! Awareness and medical attention are important not only to make a sufferer more comfortable, but also to prevent permanent blood vessel damage and to rule out more serious autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.  

We’re Making Progress in a Difficult Year

We’re making great progress in outreach. Our Raynaud’s Awareness Month press announcement in October was posted at 94 media outlets representing a total potential audience of nearly 750 million. That’s our highest reach ever thanks to our latest educational video featuring our mascot Shivers being picked up by YouTube. To date, over 15,000 people have taken our Raynaud’s Quiz, engaging participants in recognizing Raynaud’s symptoms and further promoting the need to take Raynaud’s seriously.
We are gaining momentum, but, like many of you, we’ve also been financially challenged this year. A number of Corporate Sponsors had to cut back on their contributions because of tough times. Foundations are also cutting back and delaying grants.

Unlike other healthcare organizations, we’re limited in our resource options:  We can’t actively seek funds from the pharmaceutical community because there are currently no FDA-approved drugs for Raynaud’s.  All medications currently prescribed for treatment are issued “off-label” – and that means their manufacturers cannot legally support our efforts.   

Increasing awareness can help us gain this support.  If large numbers of sufferers seek treatment, the medical community will take notice, resulting in the search for better treatment options, soliciting research dollars and prodding the drug companies to find a cure.

Join Us in the Fight Against the Cold:
Become a Frostie Champion in Spreading the Word

We’re a small, all-volunteer organization. We can’t do this job alone. But together, we can reach more of the millions who suffer the pain of Raynaud’s when they’re cold or stressed.  How can you help?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Be direct with friends, family and colleagues about the fact that you have Raynaud’s and how it affects you.
  • Start a fundraiser on Facebook and invite your connections to support our cause:
  • Forward our social posts to people you know and share stories on your own social pages about how you deal with Raynaud’s challenges.  You may be surprised to hear from friends that they suffer, too!
  • Hand out our Raynaud’s Information Cards to anyone you’d like to know more about the disorder.  We’re offering the cards in our Raynaud’s Store at no charge through the end of 2020.
  • Proudly wear our logo items (masks, sweatshirts, jewelry, scarves, gloves) and tell others about Raynaud’s.
  • When you shop on Amazon, go to AmazonSmile and choose the Raynaud’s Association as a recipient of a portion of the proceeds.  (Use the link above and you’ll be all set!)
  • Consider asking for a donation in your name to the Raynaud’s Association when it’s your birthday or for a gift-giving occasion like the upcoming holidays.

For Those Who Can Donate, We Welcome Your Help

As an all-volunteer organization, there are no salaries, no overhead, no hefty administrative costs. All of our resources are devoted to supporting the Raynaud’s community. Every dollar you donate will go directly to helping our cause.

If you can, please donate now.  Click to make a donation by credit card, or text SHIVERS to 64600 for secure mobile donations.

Fight Against the Cold

Your support of either time or money can help enhance the lives of millions of sufferers.

Warmest regards,

Fight Against the cold

Lynn Wunderman
Chairman and Founder
Raynaud’s Association, Inc.

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