Train for Cold Tolerance

We get questions from people with Raynaud’s asking if it’s possible to train for cold tolerance – can your body acclimate to better accept cold temperatures? While it’s challenging, it appears there’s some promise on cold therapy for people with Raynaud’s.

Dr. Murray Hamlet at the Army’s Research Institute of Environmental Medicine developed a method of training the way the body responds to cold exposure. Interviewed by the New York Times in 1988, Dr. Hamlet reports it builds on a procedure first explored by an army doctor in the 1970’s at a lab in Alaska. Here’s what’s involved: 3 to 6 times a day, immerse the hands in warm water indoors. He suggests using an ice chest for the warm water because it’s needed for the second step – go outside in cold weather and expose the body to the cold, except for the hands, which are submerged in the ice