Spring 2021 Member Tips

Over the years, we’ve heard from fellow Frosties about how certain over-the-counter products have helped them heal their ulcers, and each one surprises us! We’ve put them together in this Spring 2021 Member Tips post, including a new idea from Mark in Michigan.

During a roundtable session at an educational event we held in 2010, one participant told us that Dreft laundry detergent mixed with water helps him get rid of his ulcers: First Raynaud’s Education/Support Day Elicits Exchange of Information & Ideas

In 2012, one of our Facebook followers posted a tip from her mother, a retired nurse, for treating digital ulcers using Phillips Milk of Magnesia: Mom’s Ulcer Remedy

Recently we received a call from Mark in Michigan telling us how he was successful in healing his digital ulcers using Preparation H (yes, it’s true!). He agreed to let us share his story in our Spring 2021 Member Tips post:

I discovered that applying Preparation H to my digital ulcer on my thumb has healed it in about a month. I have lived with the pain of this ulcer for almost 3 years.  I tried using Preparation H