We found some interesting new products to share with fellow Frosties, including one item I personally couldn’t resist! Here are our Hot Products for Spring 2021:

Hot Products for Spring 2021

Heated Outdoor Furniture – As more activity has moved outside during the pandemic, it’s been especially hard on people with Raynaud’s trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. Dining al fresco in a down coat isn’t my idea of a comfy, cozy night on the town! Even in warmer spring weather, Raynaud’s sufferers can find it too cool to enjoy a nice evening on the patio with friends. So when we saw the new Galanter & Jones heated outdoor furniture line on William Sonoma’s web site, it definitely got our attention.

The seats and benches heat at the touch of a button with adjustable levels of warmth. After reviewing the site several times, it’s still not clear how the heat is powered – battery charged or plugin, but it’s a great concept. The experience is compared to the relaxation of a hot tub without getting wet (yummmm…). But some caveats: While the warmth may be lovely, a Frostie’s comfort may depend on how much time it takes to feel the heat because the furniture is made of stone which can be cold to the initial touch. While the line offers 15 color combinations for the bench and base options, all designs are modern in style. So if your taste is more traditional or classic, this furniture may not be for you. Finally, be prepared for sticker shock – these heated seats range in price from $1,700 to $7,900 (ouch!). On second thought, maybe a heated stadium cushion on your old lawn chairs makes more sense…If you decide to order, please let us know if the warmth is worth it.

Hot Products for Spring 2021

Lindi Skin Care Products – We heard about these skin care products from Heather, a fellow Frostie on Facebook. She’s an oncology esthetician and national laser trainer for skin care diseases, so she knows quite a lot about skin care. The products are promoted as helping to manage dry, flaky skin that can result from chemotherapy or radiation. Heather says they keep her skin from cracking and developing ulcers. She especially likes the way these products help soften the skin and leave behind a layer of protective moisture on the hands that helps ward off cold temps. Her suggestion is Lindi’s “Fight Back Starter Set.” It includes sample sizes of the brand’s Body Lotion, Body Wash, Citrus Face Serum, Lavender Face Serum, Face Moisturizer, Soothing Balm and Face Wash, a full-sized lip balm, plus a $5 gift card. Sounds like a great gift for anyone wanting to pamper their skin. Lindi’s products are all clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested. Lots of goodies for the $35.00 price! (Another product to consider that offers a protective barrier from the cold is Warm Skin Cream in our Marketplace section.)

Hot Products for Spring 2021

Smoko Heated Snoopy Slippers – As the world’s biggest Snoopy fan I immediately fell in love with these adorable slippers, and when I saw they were heated, I couldn’t resist giving them a try! These comfy, cushy slippers have a short tube-like port in the back that works with a USB cord. Plug in the slippers using any cell phone wall charger and in seconds they become warm and toasty! While these may look like a kid’s toy, they are really well made, including their non-skid bottoms that keep you light on your feet. One thing that’s remarkable about this product is its simplicity: No controls, no fancy attachments, and no hours of charging time involved. One size fits all, and the slippers really are fluffy and soft (like a stuffed animal for your feet!). Plus, because there are no batteries involved, they are much lighter in weight than you’d expect for a heated product. They’ll bring a smile to everyone who sees you enjoying their warmth! Available at Urban Outfitters for $38.00.

If you try any of these Hot Products for Spring 2021, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to info@raynauds.org, post them on our Facebook Fan page or share them with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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