Raynaud's Covered by Gannett Newspapers

The Raynaud’s Association was contacted recently by Melissa Erickson, a reporter for Gannett newspapers. She was working on a story on people with cold hands and feet and the need for medical attention, with a focus on Raynaud’s. Gannett is the owner of USA Today, plus a network of 260 daily newspapers and hundreds of community publications across the country. So to have Raynaud’s covered by Gannett newspapers offers a tremendous opportunity to build awareness!

We found one copy of the article published in the Gwinnett Daily Post of Lawrenceville, GA titled “When cold hands and feet are a medical issue,” and were pleased to see it include some important facts about Raynaud’s:

  • Raynaud’s can be an issue in any season, even indoors. Air conditioning and reaching into refrigerated spaces in warmer months can trigger attacks.
  • Certain prescription and over-the-counter medications can aggravate Raynaud’s by constricting the blood vessels (beta blockers, allergy meds).
  • Caffeine, smoking and vaping can also constrict the blood vessels, so avoid or limit intake.
  • Stress is also a trigger, and these are challenging times!
  • Raynaud’s is not a rare disease: It’s estimated to affect 5% to 10% of the population and 20% of all women of childbearing age. 
  • Most Raynaud’s sufferers go undiagnosed (about 90%).
  • Dress in layers to maintain warmth in the body’s core, avoid fabrics that can absorb sweat and chill the extremities, wear gloves and mittens when challenged by cold-to-the-touch items like frozen foods or a cold steering wheel.

We’re really glad to see Raynaud’s covered by Gannett newspapers and hope the article reaches many undiagnosed people with the condition who will start to understand that their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation!

Here’s the full article: “When cold hands and feet are a medical issue

Raynaud’s was also recently covered by ABC News. Here’s our post: ABC News Promoting Raynaud’s Awareness!

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