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Editor’s Note:  This article was published prior to the spread of the Omicron variant.  While mask mandates have been cancelled in many areas, new variants are increasing infection rates in others.  For those who prefer to stay safe and mask up indoors and in transit, our comfortable NoVirGuard™ masks are an excellent option to keep on hand!

Our Raynaud’s NoVirGuard™ Masks now offer unmatched comfort and safety at a new low price of $17.99.

With vaccine coverage increasing and mask restrictions receding, you may be thinking that you’ll no longer need to keep your mask inventory stocked. For day-to-day activity around town that may be true. We’re all happy to be seeing neighbors’ smiles on the street!

But what about travel? Masks are still required for planes, trains, and other mass transit options. Plus, you’ll need them indoors at airports and transit stations. You’ll also need to continue wearing them in hospitals, doctors’ offices and nursing homes. If you have a weak immune system, or are on medications that may decrease the effectiveness of the vaccines, you may still want to continue wearing your mask outside the household.  Some businesses are still requiring masks before entering in order to protect their staff and clientele without asking for proof of vaccination.  And if you’re not yet fully vaccinated, masks are also recommended for most sporting events and concerts where you’ll encounter larger crowds.

What do most of these “mask required/recommended” situations have in common?  You could be wearing a mask for a number of hours at a time throughout your trip or night of cheering for the home team.  If that’s the case, you’ll want a mask that’s comfortable as well as one that offers excellent protection.  That’s why we created our Raynaud’s NoVirGuard™ Masks.  These masks serve a lot more functions than just promoting our cause (although we think that’s pretty important!).  These masks have a built-in anti-viral filter offering 2-way protection: They protect both the wearer and the public at large. Plus there’s no sacrificing comfort for safety – compared to KN-95 medical masks, NoVirGuard™ Masks are more breathable and are washable for reuse. (Tested to 100 washings without any degradation.)

I hear time again from fellow Frosties, their friends and family how much they really like the way these masks fit and feel.  They are lightweight with an adjustable nose piece that is soft and pliable to contour to your face.  The three size options offer improved fit with better protection than a standard surgical mask.  Whenever I need a mask for an extended wearing period, these are my first choice.  I’ve worn them traveling for hours to a medical facility, followed by a stress test and return travel, and never felt uncomfortable or stifled.  The technician thought for sure I’d prefer to wear a surgical mask for the test, but told her this one was more comfortable, and it was!

What makes these masks different?  The outer fabric is 100% cotton, with leading-edge SILVERPLUS® antimicrobial silver ion finish, which makes a huge difference in the summer, preventing odors. The cotton fabrics are free from chemical finishes that were never meant to be inhaled, which can be an issue with many homemade masks.  The built-in filter material is a specially designed polyester lab-certified screen for use in hospitals as a virus guard. This VirusGuard Nanoscreen™ filter provides 95+ percent droplet protection in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines. This special filter material transforms these fashionable fabric safety masks into performance lifestyle masks that deliver the right balance of safety and breathability.

Additional comfort features include the adjustable elastic ear loops and the built-in necklace-like lavalier which was a user-requested feature.  So when you’re traveling and need a mask break for a cold sip or a quick bite, there’s no need to stash the mask – it’s always handy!

We originally introduced our NoVirGuard™ Masks at $22.95, lower than the price offered by the manufacturer.  But we’re now making them available at the even lower price of $17.99 – that’s nearly 30% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  And every purchase helps support our efforts in exploring ways to bring warmth, comfort – and safety – to the Raynaud’s community.

Available in our Raynaud’s Store where we hope you’ll also check out our full array of logo apparel and educational materials.

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