Nutrition and Raynaud's

We were contacted by Katie Hoare, a writer at Nutritionist Resource, a web site dedicated to connecting people with nutrition professionals across the UK. They recently published an article titled “Is There a Raynaud’s Treatment Diet?” As we’re often asked about nutrition and Raynaud’s, we were glad to find this information being published to benefit the Raynaud’s community.

The article starts by showing a clear understanding of Raynaud’s, which isn’t always the norm. They recognize that the disorder is common (not rare), can affect more than just fingers and toes, and is an often misunderstood condition. When’s the last time you saw that comment about Raynaud’s published! They quote Olianna Gourli, a naturopath, nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner, commenting that there isn’t a formal test to diagnose Raynaud’s: “…it is rather a disease of exclusion.” Bravo!

While Ms. Hoare mentions several common lifestyle and dietary recommendations for Raynaud’s sufferers (exercise to boost circulation, avoid caffeine, etc.), the focus of this article is on 7 foods to help alleviate painful Raynaud’s attacks. There’s also a careful caveat that if these suggestions result in changes or additions of new food groups to