Raynaud's Forum

Good news and less good news: We’re closing the Raynaud’s Forum. But the good news is that our social media pages are more active than ever! As a result, we’ve found that our Discussion Forum just isn’t used much by fellow Frosties today. People prefer to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our other social pages, and we think that’s terrific!

We started our Raynaud’s Discussion Forum 17 years ago before people were really using social media. At that time, our Forum offered a place where people living with Raynaud’s could ask questions, share coping strategies, and learn about new products all on our website. The original Forum grew to over 50,000 sign-ups and was a welcome place where Frosties could feel right at home with people who understood their issues and challenges.

When we updated the website in 2013, we opted to move the Forum to a much more robust platform with expanded capabilities. But it wasn’t possible to transfer the existing member records to the new environment, so members needed to create new accounts. By then our Facebook page activity was really growing, and the role of the Forum was somewhat diminished, but s