Keep Warm at Formal Events
Keep Warm at Formal Events

Working from home is a trend that’s here to stay for many businesses and employees, even as Covid restrictions ease. The fashion industry is responding with new lines of “business casual” styles that mimic the comfort and cozy warmth of sweatpants. That’s great news for Raynaud’s sufferers, but what about attire for dressy events like weddings and other galas? Those options haven’t changed much. So how can Frosties avoid being “left out in the cold” at those formal evening events where elegant attire for women usually means slinky, sleeveless gowns? Here are seven toasty tips to keep warm at formal events without hibernating your style:

  1. Go the distance

    Aside from floor-caressing hemlines, sleeves can help make an evening formal dressier and more elegant, while simultaneously giving your limbs additional coverage. Try “mother of the bride” departments if you don’t see long-sleeved options among the offerings. From lacy and fitted full-lengths to dramatically long lantern sleeves, the creatives in the fashion industry have some classy and chic ideas for those who need more coverage.

    For the male Frosties among us, men’s tuxedos and formal wear already include layers of warmth, with pants, jackets, vests, socks and closed-toe shoes, so you have a head start!

  2. Worth its weight in gold

    Paris chiffon, gorgeous silk georgette, and delicate duchess satin are the usual stuff dreamy formal evenings are made of. However, heavier fabrics are pulling their own weight in the world of fashionistas. A plush example is velvet. The heavy material once relegated to chintzy upholstery is now the de-rigueur fabric of choice for subdued sophistication. Not only is this a temperature-thoughtful trend, but it is also a strong and durable material with easy-to-clean technology. What is there to not like about velvet?

    And consider fancy pants outfits that are comfortable and glamorous. This option also can hide those cozy socks!

  3. Give them the boot

    Did you know that the hands and feet of women get cold faster than those of men? There is a variance of 3 degrees in our set point temperature (when our bodies start to stabilize and warm up).

    When temperatures reach a certain point, the body automatically shuts down the blood flow to the hands and feet to conserve heat, making our digits go cold. For formal evenings that are a little less “buttoned-up,” keep your toes warm by choosing ankle-length boots instead of open-toed stilettos for a fresher, more spirited style. Thigh-high boots can also be a great choice to pair with a short black dress. Choose boots made from classy material such as patent leather or suede to ensure a super-chic look.

  4. Fits like a glove

    Your delicate pinkies and pointers could also use a little TLC from the cold. Show them some love without dampening your style by donning a pair of essential gloves. The latest fall-winter collections have brought back gloves as the must-have accessory for 2021. Go with the classy length and colors, making sure that your gloves complement your evening dress. (Men’s gloves, except for military dress, however, still are virtually unseen.)

    Sumptuous materials like leather and suede can measure up to any elegant occasion. Just make sure that you take off your gloves before shaking hands whenever it is convenient to do so.

  5. With Flying Colors

    Certain colors can raise temperatures in a frosty environment. And we mean that not just figuratively but also literally. You might have heard how seeing blue can make one calmer while looking at red or pink can release feel-good hormones. But did you also know that wearing black can actually make you feel warmer? 

    As a general rule, and also if you consider it a color, black absorbs the most light among all the colors. This light is then converted into heat, making you warmer than if you were wearing lighter-colored clothing. Wearing black will not only help make you snug on the inside but also sleeker looking on the outside. Note though that the thinner your material is, the better its capacity to absorb light onto your skin.

  6. Work out your underpinnings

    Stave off the chills by making sure your base layers — your undergarments — are covered. From sheer camisoles to sexy tank tops, your fashion brands will surely have them in a variety of styles and colors. 

    Even some of today’s thermal underwear can be part of your dressy attire! Technology has made them sleeker but more efficient, allowing you to have a thin layer of warmth without looking like a well-padded footballer. Just make sure you pick a nude or flesh-toned color to make your underwear inconspicuous. Take extra care to make sure they are all hidden and under your formal wear. Nothing can mess up a put-together look as much as an undergarment playing peek-a-boo. 

    Oh, and watch out for those unsightly visible panty lines by going seamless, and save yourself some frosty stares.

  7. Cover your back

    Sure, ugly sweaters have their place in securely convivial environments such as family gatherings and friendly overnighters. But at formal events? Goodness, no. Fortunately, your cold, weary self can warm up without the bulk. 

    The latest runway events have showcased beautiful cover-ups, such as cashmere shrugs, faux fur stoles, and delicate capes. A shrug, for one, is always a classic, never failing to enhance the elegance of formal evening wear. 

    Going for a harder-edged but still feminine look? Choose from an abundant selection of belted robe coats and leather jackets. Just don’t forget to make sure that their styles and lengths complement your formal dress. Three-quarter sleeves and just-above-the-waist lengths would be a safe pairing choice.
Keep Warm at Formal Events

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