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CosySoles President

The Raynaud’s Association welcomes one of our new Corporate Sponsors, CosySoles, and wanted to share the story behind the brand. We spoke with Amanda Kotack, CosySoles President and daughter of the founder.

When Patricia Kotack developed the neuromuscular disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) some 25 years ago, her entrepreneur husband went to work to find relief for her painfully cold toes, a consequence of CMT.

The product Allan Kotack invented was the first pair of CosySoles slippers, microwaveable heated footwear crafted with natural grains, a unique flat-bottom sole, and polar fleece for a flexible and comfortable fit. It’s ideal for Raynaud’s sufferers—and anyone who suffers from frosty toes.

Unlike many other heated slippers, CosySoles have a soft felt bottom, with grains concentrated on the top and sides of the feet—where heat is most needed. The patented design ensures the slippers won’t overheat.  Adjustable Velcro straps provide the user comfort and security while walking. “It was life-changing,” said Patricia Kotack.

When Allan Kotack passed away in 2013, his children decided to step in and keep their dad’s legacy alive. “We had a wonderful response to our slippers when all of us appeared on the CBC show, Dragon’s Den, said Amanda, CosySoles President and Allan’s daughter. The company is headquartered in Milton, Ontario, Canada. The show, similar to Shark Tank in the U.S., netted the company a partnership with Brett Wilson, a wealthy Canadian investment banker who was a panelist on the show.

“Over the years, we learned about all kinds of medical conditions that cause cold feet, like Raynaud’s,” Amanda added. “The market is huge.”

Amanda also has CMT, often passed on genetically. “I know how painful cold feet can be,’ she says, ‘so it’s our mission to reach out to everyone with Raynaud’s and other discomforting medical issues who can benefit from our heated slippers. We’re very pleased to become a Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association.”

Dozens of testimonials on the company’s website attest to the enthusiastic reception CosySoles has received across Canada and the U.S. They come from those with Raynaud’s, CMT, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions. “I would recommend them to anyone who has cold feet,” wrote one satisfied wearer.

Editor’s Note: We hope that CosySoles’ products will be enthusiastically received by the Raynaud’s community. For more information about their microwaveable heated products, see our product review, or go to



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