It can be challenging in warmer months to find interesting new products, but we did discover a couple of new ones for Frosties to explore.  Here are our Hot Products for Summer 2021:

Hot Products for Summer 2021Gobi Heat® Heated Camping Chair – We’ve seen heated outdoor chairs that fold easily for camping and outdoor activities in the past (Hot Products for Spring 2019), but this one is from our Sponsor at Gobi Heat® and offers several features over and above the one mentioned in our 2019 post.  One major benefit is that this heat lasts for up to 9 hours!  Gobi’s cutting-edge conductive-thread technology offers three heating levels and two heated zones to warm both your bottom and lower back (yummm!).  The efficient 7.4V 6,500 lithium polymer battery also doubles as a phone charging port – very handy! 

The company claims a patent-pending design that’s unmatched for its impressive maximum temperature level and run-time on a single, fully charged 7.4V battery.  The chair is made of wind and water-resistant fabric supported by an ultra-durable steel frame.  Collapsible to fold and store in its own carrying case.  Available in four color options from Gobi Heat® for $199.  Use our member promotional code RAY10 during checkout for a 10% discount!

Hot Products for Summer 2021Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer– Jeannine Marie on Facebook tipped us off to this cute little warmer. It’s a bit smaller than the rechargeable hand warmers from our friends at Ocoopa (a product we love!), which makes it handy for fitting into smaller pockets or carrying cases in situations where you don’t have more space.  Also, it comes with a handy carrying strap for the wrist or wrap it around and attach to the handles of your carrying bag or purse.

As it’s smaller than Ocoopa-like warmers, it can’t function as a phone charger, doesn’t have different heating levels, and won’t last as long as larger hand-held warmers, but it does offer a fast-charging, portable warming solution for situations where you need something smaller to warm your frosted paws on the run.  Comes in several fun colors and patterns from Amazon, selling now for a discounted $19.99.

If you try any of these Hot Products for Summer 2021, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them on our Facebook Fan page or share them with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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