It’s always difficult to find new products ideas in the summer months, but we did find one worth noting in our Hot Products for Summer 2022 column:

Hot Products for Summer 2022Thermabell Barbell Warmer

One day when I complained to my physical trainer about the cold metal handles on the dumbbell weights, he told me about this product claiming to be “The world’s first electric heated sleeve designed specifically for the barbell.” It won’t help for smaller dumbbells, but for heavy lifting Frosties, it’s a wonderful concept!  It’s a heated sleeve that covers the long metal bar that attaches to weights on each end.

The demand for this product is connected to the pandemic:  It seems a lot of weight lifters started working out in their garages when gyms closed down.  Since most aren’t heated, those metal bars can make for a frigid workout, even for those who don’t suffer from Raynaud’s.  But for those of us who do, it’s a great idea even in a heated gym or home workout space because metal bars are cold to the touch, even in a well heated environment.

The warmers heat up to a toasty 105°F with 3 timer settings and an automatic off-switch for added safety.  The outer layer is neoprene, a proven fabric in helping to trap heat and insulate skin against the cold (think wetsuits!).  The patent-pending design includes a full-length zipper for the sleeve, plus VELCRO® closures at each end, supporting an easy on/off process.

Available on the Thermabell website for $154.99.  Sounds like a lot, but if you’re a weight-lifting Frostie, it could be worth the warm relief!

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