Did you spend years believing that your painful response to the cold was normal?  That’s true for many Frosties.  Then one day there’s a “moment of Raynaud’s discovery” when you learn that the pain, numbness, tingling and other uncomfortable symptoms experienced with exposure to cold temperatures isn’t shared by others.Moment of Raynaud's Discovery

It’s when you first realize there’s a medical explanation for the pain and discomfort associated with being cold. For some of us, it’s a big burden off our shoulders to know it has a name – Raynaud’s.

What Triggered Your Moment of Raynaud’s Discovery?

Was there a specific event in your life that made you question your painful response to cold temperatures?  Did a friend notice your fingers turning colors holding a cold soda can? Maybe a family member tried to entice you for a day of skiing on the slopes on a frigid day? Then you asked yourself “Why don’t other people’s fingers turn white or blue when holding something cold?” “How can others tolerate the ice and snow on a blustery day?”

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones:  You met someone else with Raynaud’s who shared their knowledge that painful symptoms aren’t the norm, and explained that treatment options are available or suggested some warm product ideas for keeping you warm and protected.

If you weren’t so fortunate, maybe once you realized your blue fingers and numb, painful toes couldn’t be normal, you had doctors tell you “You have poor circulation, wear support hose” – my personal experience.  For those who finally recognize this can’t be normal but can’t get answers, it’s a feeling of not only being lost and in pain, it’s a lonely experience because you believe no one else is suffering like you are.

How Long Did You Live with Raynaud’s Before Your Discovery?

How long did you live with Raynaud’s before recognizing your reaction to cold wasn’t normal? Did you spend your childhood not being able to wear the stylish sleeveless outfits like your friends, then discovered the cause decades later in middle age? Or did the pain arrive later in life when you realized you couldn’t tolerate putting your hand in the freezer and suddenly the kitchen was an obstacle course?

Share Your Discovery Stories

We’d love to hear from fellow Frosties to better understand your experience.  Sharing and hearing how others went through their moment of Raynaud’s discovery helps us realize we’re not alone – there’s a large Raynaud’s community and we understand your pain and frustration in going through the learning process.

The fact that you’re here puts you ahead of the large majority of Raynaud’s sufferers, as 90% are not aware that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation.  They haven’t yet gone through their discovery moment, but it’s our mission to help them get there, and to provide information that will bring them warmth and comfort and recognize that they not alone.

Please send your stories to us at info@raynauds.org, or use the Tell Us Your Story Forms on our website.

Here are two more articles we’ve published with fellow Frosties sharing their moments of discovery:

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