We want fellow Frosties to be among the first to hear about the new fall hand warmer models from our partners at Ocoopa, so we’re devoting our Hot Products for Summer 2023 column to announce these toasty warmers.  Here’s the new lineup:

Hot Products for Summer 2023

Hot Products for Summer 2023

HeatCube Rechargeable Hand Warmer – This little cube is one of the smallest Ocoopa warmers we’ve seen to date, but it packs a lot of heat, plus offers some extra new features.  It’s truly pocket sized, perfect for a small purse or cargo pants.  With the enclosed wrist strap, you can even attach the lightweight warmer to a purse handle for easy access, which can come in handy for using the warm LED flashlight feature. Click the light button 3 times and it triggers a safety alarm. We had trouble getting the light to work, but once we got it to trigger the safety alarm, everything seemed to function as described.  Hard to believe something this small can deliver so many benefits!

Hot Products for Summer 2023UT3 Pro and UT3 Lite – The UT3 shape mirrors the curved ergonomic design of Ocoopa’s current product line – a slightly rounded shape that lets the heating surface sit comfortably against the skin, ensuring maximum contact for experiencing the warmth with an easy grip surface.  What’s different about these UT3s is that they offer two warmers in one:  You can experience double-sided heat using them together, or separate the two to hold one warmer in each hand.  The twin warmers snap together easily via a magnetic connection.  When they are separated, both sides of the warmer heat up; when together, the inner sides stop heating and become one unit to carry on-the-go. This solves the problem of one hand “envying” the heat of the other hand holding the warmer, an issue we’ve heard from several Frosties who would purchase two separate warmers in order to satisfy both frozen paws.  Problem solved!

Each unit has its own temperature controls.  The Pro has 4 heating levels reaching up to 136º F – that was too hot for us!  The UT3 Lite is a mini version of the Pro and works the same way with a similar design, offering 3 heat levels reaching 131ºF, still incredibly toasty!  The Lite is less than 2 inches thick weighing only 2 ounces. The major difference besides size on these two models is their duration:  The Lite provides up to 4 hours of heavenly heat, whereas the Pro keeps going up to 15 hours.  Like other Ocoopa warmers we’ve tested, the Pro also functions as a mobile charger, another valuable feature.

Hot Products for Summer 2023UT2S Mini – We reviewed the larger version of this model last year (the