Warm Holiday WishesWarm holiday wishes to all of our Frostie Friends!

This year we made a video of our holiday message.  If you guessed it’s a fundraising pitch, you’re right.  But before you exit this email, please take a minute (Honest, it’s only one minute long!) to listen to our message.  You’ll likely identify with some of the issues we fight to address, and maybe you’ll decide that our work is worth supporting.

If you decide not to donate, we’re glad you’re here anyway.  Your presence helps document that our work in finding fellow sufferers and providing support and education throughout the year is working (You found us, right?).

So thanks for raising your hand and being a part of the Raynaud’s community.  Together we can bring warmth and comfort to the millions of sufferers currently still out there in the cold.

Please send us back some warm holiday wishes!  

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or text SHIVERS to 44321Warm Holiday Wishes

P.S.  Read last year’s post on The True Story of Rudolph:  The cold truth:  Rudolph had Raynaud’s!