We found some new items that may offer welcome warmth for those with Raynaud’s this season.  Here are our Hot Products for Winter 2024:

Hot Products for Winter 2024YUYU Hot Water Bottle

Thanks to fellow Frostie Alexandra for bringing this product to our attention.  It’s an elongated hot water bottle that can be hugged, strapped or wrapped pretty much anywhere on your body.  It’s very basic in that you supply the hot water and just pour it into the bottle – no batteries to charge or pads to microwave.  Just old fashioned hot water heat!

Unlike a standard hot water bottle,  these are long and thin with attached straps for holding them in place.  One design also includes pockets to warm your fingers (yummm!!!).

One member of the YUYU team is a fellow Frostie who shared her experience with the product in a post on their site.  Note, Raynaud’s is not a rare disease as she references, but you’ll find her tips on how she uses and benefits from the product to be of value.

Available directly from YUYU’s site in a number of fashionable colors and a variety of fabrics.  They even offer some animal shaped versions that are great for chilled kiddies.  Prices start at £20.83 – that’s about $26.  Unfortunately they are not sold in the U.S., but YUYU does ship internationally.  The manufacturer promotes the product as “the ultimate self-care accessory that delivers unparalleled warmth.”  May be worth a try!