Several Frosties recently shared with us their strategies for bringing warmth and comfort into their lives and agreed to let us share them in our Winter 2024 Member Tips column.

Vermont Winter Warming Strategies

Winter 2024 Member Tips

Margaret in Vermont told us that she’s now dealing with digital ulcers, but that she’s “Thankfully able to manage the ulcers with medication and a change in lifestyle, especially during the winter.”  So we asked her to share her coping strategies with us, and here’s her list:

  • A good pair of wool socks. I prefer Darn Tough or Smartwool® socks. The thicker ones are better for colder months.
  • Slippers are a must.
  • A warm pair of winter boots with plenty of room in the toe bed for thick socks and the ability to wiggle your toes.
  • Long underwear! I wear long underwear on cold days, even in the house.
  • Heated mittens are fantastic.
  • I live in VT so I do not spend a lot of time outside in the winter anymore. As a downhill skier this has been difficult for me. I can no longer ski on days with temperatures below 35 degrees.
  • Gloves in the grocery store – not too tight.
  • I often have some pretty bad vasospasms in the later afternoon. A cup of warm tea helps.

In terms of medication, Margaret finds Sildenafil (Viagra) works quite well for her, but she’s still hoping to find better ways to manage stress, another trigger for Raynaud’s attacks.  Not to worry Margaret, we could all use some help on better dealing with the stress in our lives!

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