Winter Tips for Managing Raynaud'sWe recently found two articles offering winter tips for managing Raynaud’s.  One is  10 Cold Weather Tips for Managing Raynaud’s During Winter from the Cleveland Clinic, a well-respected academic medical center.  The second is titled Staying Warm in Winter: A Guide for Individuals with Raynaud’s published by a digital health news organization called Mediva.  Given their targeted and timely titles, we were glad to see the press coverage on Raynaud’s this challenging time of year!

The two articles overlap in some areas, and offer unique suggestions on staying warm in others.  Here’s what they suggest:

  • Keeping Extremities Warm and Dry – Suggestions include the usual items to keep handy at all times:  Gloves, mittens, hand and foot warmers, etc.  Interesting that both articles repeat an emphasis on hands and feet as opposed to fingers and toes which are the primary issue for most Raynaud’s sufferers, while other extremities that can experience symptoms (nose, ears, etc.) aren’t even referenced.  Mediva specifically mentions products made with temperature-regulating fabric contents, like silver, copper, merino wool and today’s high-tech fibers like those found in FibreHeat’s® Gloves.
  • Layering Clothing and Protecting the Body’s Core from the Cold – Layering traps warm air close to the body for keeping the core warm.  While we experience the cold mostly in our extremities, exposure to cold anywhere on the body can trigger attacks.  And since the attacks are designed to send blood from the extremities to the core for protecting our vital organs, a warm core goes a long way toward alleviating or lessening Raynaud’s attacks.  Well-insulated gloves and socks also go a long way in protecting the digits from the cold.