Spring 2024 RA Q&ARA Q&A articles share our responses to inquiries about Raynaud’s, symptoms, products, treatments, doctors, warming strategies and more.  We hope the information in this Spring 2024 RA Q&A edition, along with all of our quarterly columns, prove helpful to fellow Frosties.

I work for Wholefoods in extreme cold and have Raynaud’s.  It is getting worse all the time. Can you please send info regarding the condition and resources to help me or accommodations?  I don’t know my rights or remedies for this. Thank you.

So sorry you’re having major issues with your Raynaud’s at work.  Unfortunately, Raynaud’s on its own is not considered a disability.  We’re not an experts on the subject, but if your Raynaud’s is secondary to a more serious autoimmune disease, and it directly impacts your ability to perform on the job or tolerate work conditions, that will help your case.

Separate from rights, there are things you can do to help improve your work situation, including warm apparel and heated products.  There are also medical treatment options for which you may be a candidate. If I knew more about your role at work (for example, do you need dexterity for typing?), I could make some specific recommendations.

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