We heard from several fellow Frosties over the past few months sharing tips on what products and strategies work for them, and they agreed to let us publish them in our Spring 2024 Member Tips column.

Spring 2024 Member Tips

Alternative to Pulse Oximeters

We’ve all been there in a doctor’s office or hospital where the pulse oximeter is placed on our white or blue fingertips and then it’s “wait, wait, wait” for a blood oxygen level.  Really frustrating!

One of our Board members reported several years ago how her  respiratory therapist found a creative approach for those of us with cold digits: She places an earlobe sensor on the fleshy area between the patient’s thumb and index finger and finds it often works when the usual fingertip sensor won’t register (Winter 2020 Member Tips). Some of us who’ve tried this approach unfortunately found it wasn’t a consistent solution.

Ed wrote to us with his alternative that more and more high-tech Frosties are finding to be a successful alternative:  Digital watches.  Apple’s product recently dropped this capability because of patent issues, but if you purchased one of their watches prior to the 2023 holiday season, your