Raynaud’s Association

How Are We Doing?

Many of you have given us direct feedback on how we’re doing in helping to support the Raynaud’s community, and we’ve published your testimonials here on our web site at https://www.raynauds.org/index.php/about-us/member-testimonials/. Now there’s a place to formally feature product reviews for […]

Your Feedback Could be Worth $5,000!

The Raynaud’s Association needs your help!  We have an opportunity to win the $5,000 prize that GuideStar USA, Inc., the leading source of nonprofit information, and KIMBIA, a group that empowers nonprofits and other organizations to increase giving, are making available […]

Holiday Challenge: Let’s Beat Raynaud’s

If everyone who has Raynaud’s donated just one dollar, we could probably wipe it out.  We’re looking to raise $500 on the website before the end of the year.   Every $1, $5, $10 helps us help you.  Your help can […]

Our Facebook Page Is Up!

We just launched a Facebook page for the Raynaud’s Association: Raynaud’s Association Facebook page.  Follow us by clicking the “Like” button on the left sidebar of our web site.  Come visit us and tell your friends!     

First Raynaud’s Education/Support Day Elicits Exchange of Information & Ideas

Attendees of the first Raynaud’s Education & Support Day, held July 31 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, learned how therapies such as acupuncture, massage, biofeedback and yoga can prevent or minimize Raynaud’s attacks; that “healing foods” such as avocados can […]