Raynaud’s Store

New Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel!

We’ve added new Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel in our Raynaud’s Association Store, offering awareness-building items and educational resources.

Raynaud’s Store News: New Items!

Raynaud’s Store news:  We’ve added two new items this season to help keep Frosties warm: Special Edition Glider Gloves and Fleece Scarf with Pockets!

New Raynaud’s Association Store!

Announcing our new Raynaud’s Association store – offering awareness-building items featuring our logo, our mascot Shivers and our educational resources.

Help Promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month This October

We already feel the momentum building and could use your help to promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month this October!  It’s our second year for this event. October is an important time for us to reach to the millions of sufferers who experience Raynaud’s […]