Raynaud’s Treatments

Non-Thermal Laser Treatment Found Helpful for Healing Digital Ulcers, Patient Says

By Ronni Shulman Vice Chair, Raynaud’s Association When Nicole Edwards hears physicians say Raynaud’s sufferers should avoid the cold, she laughs. “I live in Yukon Territory,” she says. “That’s not an option for me!” The 45-year-old professional singer-songwriter-musician (www.NicoleEdwardsMusic.com) has […]

Advice to Nurses on Treating Raynaud’s

We were happy to see an article in a UK nursing magazine, Nursing in Practice, with advice on diagnosing and treating Raynaud’s phenomenon.   More knowledgeable medical professionals will result in better treatment for Frosties across the globe. The article contains […]

Doctor Speaks without “DoctorSpeak” on Raynaud’s

Most academic articles require a medical dictionary to understand them, but this one titled Raynaud’s Phenomenon by Frank L. Urbano, MD published in Hospital Physician several years ago does a good job of educating readers who aren’t part of the medical community […]

Announcing Phase 3 Clinical Trials of Botox® for Raynaud’s

Botox® has shown promising results in treating Raynaud’s, so we’re glad to see the exploration of more clinical trials of Botox® for Raynaud’s.

Cialis® in Drug Stores Soon?

More recent research has shown promise in using ED drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra®), vardenafil (Levitra®), and talkalafil (Cialis®) in treating Raynaud’s symptoms, particularly when traditional treatments such as vasodilators and topical nitroglycerine-based creams provide insufficient relief or aren’t well […]