Warm Apparel for Raynaud’s Sufferers

Video – A Day in the Life of a Raynaud’s Sufferer

Our Sponsor at G-Tech Apparel created this wonderful video featuring a day in the life of a person with Raynaud’s.  Many Frosties will identify with this one!

High-Tech Innovations in Jackets Can Keep Us Warmer

Every Raynaud’s sufferer is familiar with the winter fashion statement we make wrapped up like Nanook of the North trying to stay warm under lots of thick layers.  Not really beauty pagent material! But there’s good news for us Frosties:  […]

Frostie Warrior’s Warm Product Tips

A fellow Frostie who’s a true outdoor warrior recently posted some of her favorite products for keeping warm during outdoor activities.  The blog post is titled “8 Cozy Products to Help Keep You Warm This Winter” which immediately got out attention! […]