Taking a Homeopathic Approach to Pain

Vietnam Vet Finds His Own Solution

By Ronni Shulman
Vice Chairman

“Less is more” has long been an adage of the fashion industry, but for homeopathy practitioners like Lou Paradise, it’s the motto of a burgeoning industry.

Paradise is the founder and president of Topical BioMedics, Inc., Rhinebeck, NY, developers of Topricin(R) Pain Relief and Healing Cream. Paradise was inspired to create the salve while exploring ways to alleviate his own pain caused by a severe case of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome – the result of injuries sustained as a decorated Marine Corps helicopter combat and rescue crew chief in Vietnam.

The affable executive is on a mission to integrate wellness into conventional medical approaches, working with physicians, researchers and consumers to safely stimulate health and healing. “I studied physiology from the time I was 13,’ he says, ‘hoping to become a trauma surgeon.” Paradise didn’t realize his dream to enter medical school after the Marines, but his military service brought him in touch with acupuncture, Tai Chi and other homeopathic specialists. He studied in Hong Kong with British and Chinese doctors, learning how eastern and western medicine could be used together.

His interest in alternative therapies was piqued further when he was told the pain of his carpal tunnel syndrome could not be alleviated, except through surgery. “Sometimes you discover stuff, and sometimes stuff discovers you,” Paradise says. He spent 10 years researching and fine-tuning a product which would work in harmony with the body and help it to heal itself. Today he is pain and symptom-free.

He uses his experience and research to serve as an expert speaker on the use of natural medicines, conducts pain management seminars, and addresses compliance issues related to the regulation of natural medicines as a member of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists.

“I love to help people help themselves,” Paradise says. “There’s a saying that you can give people fish, but it’s better to teach them how to fish.” At his seminars and via his media appearances, he instructs audiences about homeopathic approaches to their health. “It’s not enough to go to a health food store and stock up on ‘natural’ products. Arsenic is natural, but it will kill you,” he says. Paradise educates people to think critically about available resources and their possible side effects.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” he explains. “And what we don’t know can limit our options, hurt us or both.” He offers the following recommendations for helping to reduce dependency on dangerous medications (stressing the need to keep doctors and pharmacists in the loop when planning to adjust medication):

• Probiotics (acidophilus, bifida)

• Digestive enzymes

• B-Complex vitamins

• Malic acid

• Mineral complex

• Essential fatty acids (Evening Primrose Oil capsules)

• Replace coffee with tea or organic juices (coffee is a diuretic and washes out essential minerals)

• Remove all white refined sugar and flour from the diet—these are directly linked to many diseases

• Keep hydrated with water alone or by mixing half water/ half juice (cranberry, pomegranate, and grape)

These additional steps may help to speed recovery:

• Reduce stress with proven stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga;

• Get ample rest and practice good sleep habits, such as going to bed and getting up at the same time each day;

• Exercise regularly. Simple and easy routines include walking, swimming and biking;

• Explore the benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy;

• Develop positive habits: eat healthy foods, limit caffeine, and make time to enjoy the good things in life.

In order for healing to start, the body needs help removing excess fluids and toxins from the affected joints, nerves and muscles. This takes pressure off the capillaries so oxygen-rich blood arrives to the affected area, maximizing healing and turning off the pain signal.

“Pain is an important signal alerting us that something is wrong.” The key to wellness, Paradise says, is to correct the metabolic issues — not simply mask the symptoms.”