Raynaud’s Member Tips – Summer 2015

Diary Mushroom Socks GraphicSamm (Ohio) was frustrated about her attacks, unsure of how and when the next one would be triggered.  So she started a journal documenting her attacks and began to identify patterns, like leaving the warmth of her bed or a warm shower for a cold bathroom, or not wearing gloves for certain activities.  Solutions included a space heater and a large purse for multiple hand warmers, gloves, socks, etc. to take on the road each day.  While she still has attacks, the documentation helped her figure out what she could do to improve her situation.

She asked us to share her solution saying “Life can be just a little bit easier for us, sometimes we just need to know how to get there.  A jounal may be the answer.”  Her journal includes:  Date/time of attack, extremities affected, how long it lasted and any special notes on the event.  Thanks so much Samm for sharing your solution!

Carol (Canada) wants to let Canadian readers know that she found T-Max Heat socks at Marks Work Warehouse.  They appear similar to Heat Holders socks that Frosties give us such positive feedback on.  The style she purchsed sells for $9.95 (Canadian dollars).  Carol says “I wear them almost all winter…They are worth their weight in gold!!!”  Thanks for sharing your find with us Carol. 

Leigh (MI) tells us she’s been using chaga mushroom extract since December after a friend of hers said it helped her Raynaud’s condition.  Since that time, she reports not experiencing Raynaud’s attacks in her fingers. She still gets occasional spasms in her toes, but they are less frequent.  Leigh says “This is remarkable since 1. I live in Michigan where we have cold winters (and chilling rain that can bring on spasms any time) and 2. I am 58 years old and have had Raynaud’s for as long as I can remember.”   She takes about a tablespoon in her coffee each morning.

We see that this the extract could potentially have anti-inflammatory properties, so that may be what’s helping.  While there’s no clinical information available on the safety or efficacy of Chaga, they do warn that it can interact with other medications, so please discuss it with your doctor if you decide to give it a try.  Thank you Leigh!

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