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Media Initiatives GraphicWe’re a small organization with a big mission:  A large majority (80%) of the over 15 million people estimated to be afflicted with Raynaud’s are unaware that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation.

This lack of awareness is our biggest challenge, and many of our recent efforts have been focused on reaching out to the large numbers of sufferers who need to know the source of their pain.

Here’s a summary of our more recent initiatives:

  • Raynaud’s Awareness Month – The first official Raynaud’s Awareness event in the United States took place this past October.  Our syndicated press release announcing the event was posted at 207 media outlets representing a total potential audience of over 170 million readers.  The release included a link to our educational video, along with an infographic on Raynaud’s (see below).  The combined content received an engagement score of 100 – a top 1% rating – compared to similar industry releases (50 = average).
  • Public Service Announcements – Both 30 and 60-second public service announcements were distributed to television stations across the country.  The spots have generated over 221 million impressions and attracted nearly $4 million in donated media value to date.  Exposure includes the highly-selective CNN Airport Network in 51 airports nationwide.  Our campaign was chosen to run for two separate flights – it’s rare that they select PSA’s to run more than once a year.
  • Educational Video – A three-and- half-minute educational video is now hosted on YouTube, posted on the organization’s web site and Facebook, and was distributed along with our press release to promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month.  Social media posts announcing the video achieved nearly 85,000 impressions.  Facebook has generated just under 17,000 views, plus an additional 3,770 on YouTube.
  • Raynaud’s Infographic – We worked with the marketing team at HeatMax, manufacturer of Grabber and HotHands warmer products, to create a visual representation of Raynaud’s titled “Hot Facts About Raynaud’s.”  It graphically includes statistics, attack triggers, categories of Raynaud’s, symptoms, specialists to consult, plus treatment/lifestyle suggestions.  The infographic has received nearly 1,200 pageviews on our web site, plus was viewed 3,500 times in conjunction with our press release.
  • Raynaud’s Guide – Our 35-page guide received over 11,000 impressions on Facebook and has generated more than 6,000 on-site page views announcing and describing the guide.  Digital copies have been downloaded and shared over 1,200 times, largely in response to the video.  Hundreds of printed copies have been distributed this past year.
If large numbers of sufferers seek treatment, the medical community will take more notice, resulting in the search for better treatment options, initiating more research dollars and prodding the drug companies to find a cure.

By simply learning that the reason for their discomfort associated with Raynaud’s is medically-induced, and that millions of other people also have this condition, sufferers will have the relief of knowing that they are not alone.

We’re encouraged by the tremendous media response to our message, but to keep up our efforts, your donation is crucial.  Your funds will help us expand our current grassroots awareness program into a force that reaches those who are yet undiagnosed, those who need support and treatment, and those who will help us give Raynaud’s disease the attention it warrants. 

Please donate now. Click to make a donation by credit card via PayPal.  If you’re on a mobile device, Text SHIVERS to 64600 (our short code), or just click this link for secure mobile donations.  To send a check, please make it out to the Raynaud’s Association to:

Raynaud’s Association
11 Topstone Road
Redding, CT  06896

Your support can help enhance the lives of millions of sufferers, and we’ll really appreciate your support!


  1. Hello,

    I am new to the Raynauds Association. I recently self-diagnosed myself w/Raynauds Syndrome, and had it confirmed yesterday by my primary physician. I had never heard of Raynauds until I started looking for heated gloves and found this association. I was so impressed with the wealth of information that I donated & joined. I’m fairly certain I’ve had Raynauds Syndrome most of my adult life. I always thought it was poor circulation. I am a retired active 62 year old man.
    OK – to the point: While at the doctor’s office yesterday, I asked if I could get a prescription for heated gloves to help defray some of the cost. I did a ton of research to find the best gloves. I quickly realized they are quite expensive. My doctor said he would have no problem writing a prescription, but neither he, or his assistant nurse could find any heated gloves that could, or might, be covered by insurance. It was as though I was the first person to have ever asked that question.
    My question is: Has anyone ever had a prescription for heated gloves ?, an if so, what make/model was prescribed ? My research led me to decide on the Volt “Frosties” I will be purchasing a pair whether I get a prescription or not, but it would be a Godsend if I could get my insurance to cover them in order to defray some of the cost. I would be eternally grateful for any advice on this matter.

    Kindest Regards,

  2. Welcome DickyC3PO – glad you found us! To my knowledge, I’m not aware of insurance coverage for heated products specifically for primary Raynaud’s sufferers. Beyond the issue that primary Raynaud’s isn’t viewed as a disability, I believe the gloves would need to be offerered through a medical supply operation that normally deals with insurance reimbursements or the gloves would need to be FDA-approved for this pupose (which would require considerable time and investment on the part of the manufacturer).

    Our Sponsor at The Warming Store does, however, offers many excellent heated glove brands and styles, and you can purchase them using our member discount. Here’ the link to their page with their promo code, plus a link to their Heated Glove Guide reviewing several models: https://www.raynauds.org/2015/11/06/the-warming-store/.

    Also, you should check out the heated gloves from Verseo, another Sponsor at : https://www.raynauds.org/2014/10/14/verseo-thermogloves-rechargeable-heated-gloves/ – they are a good value and offer great dexterity for a heated glove. And you’ll find more info in our blog post on best gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers: https://www.raynauds.org/2014/12/27/best-glove-for-raynauds-sufferers/. Hope that helps!

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