It’s finally that time of year when we find a number of products that can bring warmth and comfort to Raynaud’s sufferers.  Here are some of our more recent discoveries:

Serta Foot WarmerSerta Electric Foot Warmer – This product is like a heating pad with pockets for your frozen toes and feet.  The fabric is described as “Angel Fleece” which sounds super soft.  The foot pocket is roomy enough for just about any position, so you don’t feel cramped to enjoy the tucked-in warmth.  There are four adjustable heat levels and there’s an auto shut-off function if you want to turn it on at bedtime and not worry about overheating during the night.  We found the product in a catalog, but see it’s available from our new Sponsor The Warming Store.  That means you use our Offer Code RAYNAUDS10 and save 10%.  The footwarmer is regularly $55, but it’s now on sale for $45.95 (under $41 with our discount).

SoapstonesSoapstone Glove Warmers – Kim in PA shared with us a tip from some of her camping enthusiast friends:  Soapstones are a great source of emergency heat!  Reading about them on the web, we found soapstone absorbs, stores and evenly radiates heat, and is used in surrounding fireplaces and wood stove panels.  For campers and those looking to warm up off the grid, the size of their soapstones are pretty big.  But Kim found a nice set on Etsy that are just the right size for warming a pair of gloves or mittens.  The instructions say to “Simply set them on a wood stove or oven to warm them up, then place them in your gloves or mittens to get them toasty warm.”  They should last for about an hour.  (Warning:  not microwave safe!).  Kim hasn’t tried them yet (just ordered them when she contacted us), but they did get a five-star review on the site.  These reusable warmers are certainly worth a try for $14.50!

Heated Socks - HSHeated Socks – Hammacher Schlemmer is a great resource for heated products.  The latest item we found are heated socks with rechargeable lithium batteries that last for six hours.  They claim to warm the entire foot from heel to frozen toes.  The fabric has a metallic fiber that works to evenly distribute the heat, plus a cushy terry interior.  The socks have three heat settings that reach up to 135 degrees.  Come in men’s and women’s sizes for $99.95.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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