Recent Articles in the News on Raynaud’s

News Type Graphic - SmallerThis season we’ve seen a number of news items on Raynaud’s.  Most do a good job of increasing awareness by outlining symptoms and explaining the difference between primary and secondary versions of the condition.

Many include a number of strategies for staying warm and preventing attacks, but there’s not a lot of news here – mostly just common sense suggestions.  Still we’re encouraged to see the media helping us get the word out to Frosties!

Here’s a list wth links to the articles and one video:


Here’s Why Your Fingers and Toes Are Always Cold

This Might Be Why Your Hands Are Always Cold

Why Are My Fingers and Toes Always So Cold?

For Raynaud’s sufferers, cold weather can be a problem (Fox News Video)

Why Do Cold Hands and Cold Feet Hurt Worse in Winter?

Cold Weather & Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Foot Health: With colder weather, Raynaud’s disease becomes more common; know what to look for


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