layers_raynauds_fix_jpegLast year we were fortunate to have a fellow Frostie volunteer to help with our t-shirt design promoting Raynaud’s Awareness Month.  Here’s the design we used for our long-sleeve tee’s showcasing our mascot SHIVERS.

This year, we’re considering different premiums (hoodies, tote bags, etc.) and would love your input, but most of all we’d love some artistic help with the design.

In addition, we’d like to create a separate graphic to symbolize Raynaud’s Awareness Month to use in all of our promotional materials for the event.

Got some ideas?  We’d love to see them!  Please send all submissions to

Blue Footed Booby - Nicole's ArtNews Update:  We’ve been offered the rights to use this artwork by a German artist on Etsy for our Raynaud’s Awareness Month premiums, and we love it!   You’re welcome to build on this drawing for us and submit your ideas.


Please note:  All submissions become the property of the Raynaud’s Association, Inc., thank you!



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