New Raynaud’s Association Store!

New Raynaud's Association store
Announcing our new Raynaud’s Association store – launched to offer awareness-building items featuring our logo, our mascot Shivers and our educational resources.  Current items in the store include:

  • Special Edition Heated Wristies®:  Our Sponsor at Wristies® created a limited edition version of their fingerless gloves etched with our logo. Heated Wristies® have a patented design with a pocket that holds a mini hand warmer for extra warmth.
  • Our New Shivers Apparel:  We have a new design this year, featuring our lovable mascot Shivers on the front, and our logo on the back. It promotes the “Feeling Blue” theme of this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness campaign.  Available in short and long-sleeve t-shirts, plus new crew neck and hoodie sweatshirts.
  • Our “Feeling Blue” Ringtone:  Nicole Edwards, a fellow Frostie who is a singer-songwriter, composed a song for us called “The Raynaud’s Blues.”  It’s the background music in our newly-released public service announcements, and we created a short (30-second) version that can be used as ringtones formatted for either iPhone or Android cellphones .
  • Raynaud’s Information Cards:  These are small cards you can simply hand to a friend, family member or business associate that explain Raynaud’s and direct them to our web site for more information.  It’s a lot easier than explaining why you’re wearing gloves in the supermarket!
  • Cling Decals – Show the world you’re proud to be a Frostie!  These easily removable peel and stick clings can be placed on a car window, bumper, or any smooth surface.
  • Hand Knit Mascot Shivers – Our Sponsor at Knit Happens is offering a limited number of hand-knit replicas of our mascot Shivers that you can have for your very own!  These are going fast, so hurry!

Find our store at this link, or scroll down the left-side tabs on our Facebook page.

Your purchases help defray the costs of our awareness-building activities, member mailings, web site maintenance, and fund the thousands of educational materials distributed each year to sufferers – so please show your support!