Hope you’re staying warm this season!

To help you manage the chills this time of year in Minneapolis, we wanted to make you aware that Warm Skin, a cold protection cream manufactured by one of our Corporate Sponsors, is now available at two Target stores in Minneapolis:

900 Nicollet Mall (Flagship store next to Corporate Headquarters)

Uptown Store at 2500 E. Lake Street

The cream provides a protective barrier against the cold, and is used by NFL players, Arctic explorers and USPS workers, which are pretty good credentials!  Here’s a link to our Product Review page to give you more information on Warm Skin:

Until now, it was only available directly from the distributor, the manufacturer’s web site, or more recently added to Target’s web site.  This season Target has added a “Local Minnesota” section in the two stores above for the holidays, and since Warm Skin is manufactured in Minneapolis, the product is being featured in these locations.

I hope you’ll check out Warm Skin when you’re shopping in these local stores during the month of December.  And if you do try the product, we’ve love your feedback.

Have a warm and wonderful holiday!

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