5 Essential Tips to Avoid Common Holiday Stress

By Joe Fleming

Holiday seasons are much anticipated. They allow you to have a momentary break from the usual 9-5 and spend a festive moment with family and friends.

However, this anticipation can lead to expectations for a perfect holiday. With tons of items on our to-do lists like shopping, planning, cooking, gift-wrapping, and more, your holiday could turn into a stressful rather than a relaxing one.

For people suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon, an unhealthy dose of emotional stress can trigger an attack. That’s why it is best to avoid engaging in stressful activities if you can manage it. But who wants to skip the holidays?

If you want to know how to avoid, or at least minimize, the stress associated with the holiday season, here are some preventive measures that you could help:

  1. Plan it out
    According to research, lack of time has been shown to contribute to holiday stress, with people rushing to get things done. Planning your holiday ahead of time could help relieve stress. Writing down everything could give you a clearer picture of the things that you need to do. Make a checklist and mark your priorities. Being organized could give you some confidence and would less likely lead to a last-minute trip to the mall and forgotten invitations.
  2. Mind your finances
    Another major source of holiday stress is lack of money. Don’t splurge during the holidays if you know that you will find it difficult to make ends meet after the holiday is over. Spend only what you can afford and be realistic in planning your holiday. Make a budget and follow it. If you are worrying about disappointing your kids and loved ones, find an alternative method to help them enjoy a memorable holiday. Instead of gifts, you can perform tasks for them or give them special privileges. Be creative!
  3. Be tolerant
    Holidays are seasons of giving and it includes giving people the patience that they (may or may not) deserve. Conflict situations with family members or friends could contribute to a stressful holiday. Remember that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and don’t expect to change them – particularly in a season full of distractions. Better to focus on how you deal with these situations and the way you respond to these provocations. It will not only prevent you from having to deal with unwanted stress, but may also result in a good feeling for having successfully managed the situation.
  4. Treat Yourself
    Hectic though the holidays may be, don’t forget that you’re entitled to enjoy the holidays, as well.  Try doing something that you love. Is it a hobby? A trip to somewhere on your bucket list?  Even taking a short break from holiday errands to finish a book by your favorite author or setting aside time for a glass of wine and a bubble bath can be just the right reward. You deserve it just like everyone else!
  5. Set your limit
    No holiday celebration is complete without delicious foods, but don’t forget to eat in moderation. Overeating could lead to weight gain and other health problems that you wouldn’t want to deal with after a well-spent holiday. Your time is also in high demand during this time of year.  If you’re invited to spend the holiday with friends or family, bear in mind that saying ‘no’ is always an option. Finding your voice to say ‘no’ could save you from feeling guilty and stressed. You could always offer to set a different schedule that works for both parties. Being in touch with your priorities can eliminate the angst and pressure associated with over committing your time when you need it most.

If you find yourself already caught in the web of a stressful holiday, however, activities such as exercise, massage, yoga, and other scientifically-proven ways for relieving stress (an earlier blog post) are also available. Dry brushing, for example, could mimic the relaxing effect of massage by reducing stress and improving circulation.

Seeing that the holidays are just around the corner, how are you planning to prevent stress from getting the best of you? Please share your ideas through the comment section below.


Joe Fleming is the President at ViveHealth.com. Interested in all things related to living a healthy lifestyle, he enjoys sharing and expressing his passion through writing. Working to motivate others and defeat aging stereotypes, Joe uses his writing to help all people overcome the obstacles of life. Covering topics that range from physical health, wellness, and aging all the way to social, news, and inspirational pieces…the goal is help others “rebel against age”.