We’re always scouting for new products to help keep Raynaud’s sufferers warm during the Winter season. Here are our hot products for Winter 2019:

Hot Products for Winter 2019

Torch Heated Gloves & Insoles – We feature the Torch Coat Heater in our Marketplace section. It’s a universal heater that fits inside any coat, so you can move it across your wardrobe. When the manufacturer told us they now have heated gloves and insoles, we wanted to share the news with fellow Frosties! The Revolt II Heated Gloves are made for outdoor sports, so they won’t be an everyday accessory, but do have some nice features, like full-hand heating, screen-sensitive palms, a water-resistant shell, easily accessible power button and a comfy placement for the battery in a zippered compartment on the lower palm side of the glove. Batteries last 4 to 6 hours, pending the temperature level set. Available in unisex sizes (S,M,L) for $110 (now on sale).

Torch’s OUTREK II Heated Insoles appear similar in function to the Digitsole insoles we’ve featured in our Marketplace. They are thin enough to fit in many shoes and boots (manually trim for an exact fit), with three heat settings that last up to 6 hours. The main difference is that Digitsoles are controlled through your smartphone; OUTREK insoles are controlled via a remote you carry with you, but still offer a convenient way to turn up or down the heat. Available in Medium and Large, covering most men’s and women’s sizes for $119. These look like they are big sellers, so inventory may be low.

Hot Products for Winter 2019

Alpaca Andean Hat – Alpaca wool has lots of great qualities – it’s warmer than sheep’s wool for great insulation, but lightweight and softer to the touch (less itchy). It also has no lanolin, so it’s hypoallergenic. We found a fun hat made of 100% alpaca fur from the Andean highlands sold at Hammacher Schlemmer that looks like it offers toasty warmth. Its fluffy wide brim should be flattering while helping to keep heat from escaping the body – an important issue for Raynaud’s sufferers. Available in Black, Beige and White. One size fits most. Sells for $129.95.

Hot Products for Winter 2019

Swany Toaster Mittens – We received an email from the husband of a fellow Frostie who wanted us to know how he’d purchased “a dozen different types of gloves and mittens, and heater packs by the case,” but none of these options worked for his wife as they didn’t do a good job of providing heat to the ends of her fingers. He finally came across the Swany Toaster Mittens at REI, which provided a solution. Here’s how they worked: “The advantage is that the zippers allow her to easily insert two heater packs – one on top of the hands and one of the bottom by the finger for really cold days.  Inside the mitten is a built-in glove liner that keeps the heater pack from having direct contact with the skin and allows the hands out of the mitten to use the phone. Note: The mittens by themselves are not particularly warm – it is only the combo with the heater pack that really works for my wife.” Great that these gloves with disposable heat packs (like HotHands and Grabber) worked! We love hearing how fellow Frosties have found creative solutions for their frozen paws. For a non-heated glove, they are kind of pricey ($75), but when you find something that works, it’s worth it. Available in sizes Small through Extra-Large.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to info@raynauds.org, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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