New Raynaud's Quiz

For this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month in October, we included a new Raynaud’s Quiz to engage people in recognizing Raynaud’s symptoms and further promote our theme to take Raynaud’s seriously.

The quiz includes questions such as being cold even in warmer seasons, experiencing pain from holding cold objects, color changes in the fingers and toes when exposed to cold or stress, and more.

The quiz was featured with our national press release picked up by 150 publications, broadcast stations and web sites with a potential audience of over 156 million. It was also promoted in media ads donated to our organization by Google on its search page, along with social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

To date, over 4,500 people have responded to the quiz. PR Newswire, our partner in distributing the press release and hosting the quiz, tells us these results are “astounding!” This is the first time their team has seen this number of respondents for a quiz and predicted strong demand after receiving over 300 respondents in the first week of exposure. Results for the campaign have been so positive that PR Newswire is documenting its performance as one of their case histories.

New Raynaud's Quiz

The campaign also included a photo display in Times Square showing the color changes experienced during a Raynaud’s attack.

New Raynaud's Quiz

We also introduced our new graphic this year to help promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month with a design by fellow Frostie Ann Marie Catabia.

The quiz will be available throughout the year, and we’ll continue to guide traffic to it in an effort to build awareness for Raynaud’s and help people living with the condition recognize that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation.

If you know others who may have Raynaud’s, please encourage them to visit the new Raynaud’s Quiz to see if they potentially should explore their symptoms with their doctor.

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Thanks for everything you do Raynaud’s Association. You have been a tremendous help for me as I’m sure you have to many others.  By K.M. (Canada)
Thanks for Everything You Do