Georgie XOXO Blog

We discovered the Georgie XOXO blog on Twitter. Written by a fellow Frostie who sounds like a real Renaissance woman, her blog includes several posts and product reviews that offer useful information and tips to those living with Raynaud’s, including this one titled My 10 Top Tips for Managing Raynaud’s Disease.

Many of the tips are general ones offered by other articles and experts on the subject, however we admire her easy-to-read, informational approach to sharing what works for her. These tips include:

  • Wear multiple layers and hats
  • Use hand warmers
  • Wear gloves when touching frozen and cold foods
  • Avoid ice in drinks
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise to increase blood flow
  • Don’t smoke

Some additional tips offered some new information worth sharing:

Keeping Hands and Feet Warm and Dry – Georgie is prone to Raynaud’s attacks when her hands and feet are damp and wet, not a textbook trigger for sufferers, but can be an issue. It’s also related to those of us who find damp, humid days – even when it’s warmer out – difficult to tolerate. So when on the road, she carries a tenugui in her handbag. A tenugui is a thin Japanese hand towel made from cotton (hers is f