Updated Coronavirus Message for Raynaud's Sufferers

Since publishing our earlier post “A Coronavirus Message for Raynaud’s Sufferers,” we’ve had questions from fellow Frosties regarding newly reported symptoms and their relevance for people living with Raynaud’s. So we’re posting this updated Coronavirus message for Raynaud’s sufferers. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t contain the type of information we’d hoped to supply.

Lack of Data is Frustrating

Some of the more recently discovered medical issues associated with Covid-19 include strokes, blood clots and Covid toe. Given that these and other medical complications from the virus can involve inflammation of the blood vessels and affect a patient’s circulation, we asked our Medical Advisory Board these questions:

  • If a Raynaud’s patient gets the virus, would they be more at risk in experiencing these complications? 
  • Could these complications be more serious for someone with Raynaud’s?

We were hoping for some answers to share, but here’s what we were told: “Unfortunately there are no reliable answers to your questions.” Our Medical Advisory Board stands by their earlier statement from our previous post: “There is no evidence to suggest that people with primary Raynaud’s are at any increased risk of getting COVID-19, nor are they at risk of a worse outcome if infected with the virus than non-Raynaud’s sufferers.”

So What Can We Do?

Keep in mind the issue of “no evidence” in the above statement is key. In the absence of data, the smartest strategy is to follow the guidance provided by leading medical experts: Wear masks, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently…you’ve heard all of this now many times, but it truly can make a difference!

For those with secondary Raynaud’s, being mindful of these safe practices is even more important as their immune systems can already be compromised by a more serious autoimmune disorder or other medical factors known to be associated with higher risk complications from the virus, such as those with diabetes.

One Piece of Raynaud’s-Specific Advice

For all of us living with Raynaud’s, these can be very stressful times, and stress can trigger attacks, so remember to take time for yourself, try to enjoy this at-home time with close family and find some silver lining that helps get you through the challenging days and nights.

We’d hoped this updated Coronavirus message for Raynaud’s sufferers would provide more advice targeted specifically for Frosties, but the virus is just too new, and what limited data there is just hasn’t yet been sorted from this perspective. But we promise to work at keeping up-to-date and will share new information as we can find it. In the meantime, please stay warm and well!

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