We found one product in a newly-discovered category and rediscovered a high-demand product that had previously been discontinued. Here are our Hot Products for Winter 2021:

Hot Products for Winter 2021

Heated Steering Wheel Cover – This is a category that gets a lot of searches on our site. While newer cars now offer this toasty feature, the aftermarket options have historically been low-end and poorer quality. That’s why in 2014 we were so excited to find one on the Hammacher Schlemmer web site, as they do considerable testing before introducing a new product, and we shared it with our members in a previous blog post. But they sold out and disappeared from the H-S site until just recently, and now they are back – and on sale – so we wanted to share the news!

The product has some attractive features, including: The heating element completely covers the full wheel for all-over heat, the maximum heating level reaches 114° (about 10° warmer than other models), and fully charged provides one hour of heat (older model only lasted about 35 minutes).

Reading some of the reviews, we see several buyers had an issue with the battery blocking the view of the speedometer and dashboard controls, so plan carefully for the battery placement before installing the cover. Regular price is $119.95, but they are now on sale for $79.95. The site says quantities are limited, so order soon!

Hot Products for Winter 2021

Knitted Rabbit Fur Boot Toppers – Leg warmers are great layering options for those with Raynaud’s, but this is a new category of layering we’ve not seen before: Boot Toppers. The toppers are designed to go over your boots, but we see no reason why they can’t be used as leg warmers worn with standard shoes or sneakers, although they may lose some style appeal when worn this way.

The boot toppers are made of a stretchy knit covered in soft rabbit fur which has to be pretty toasty. Elastic at each end holds them in place and you’re instantly warm and glamorous. Available at Overland for $69.

If you try any of these Hot Products for Winter 2021, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to info@raynauds.org, post them on our Facebook Fan page or share them with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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