Several fellow Raynaud’s sufferers recently submitted suggestions, and we’re sharing them in our Winter 2021 Member Tips post.

Winter 2021 Member Tips

Layering with Disposable Vinyl Gloves – We had two fellow Frosties tell us they found success layering with disposable vinyl gloves. Paul is a cyclist who shared with us on Twitter that he found adding a layer of these gloves under mittens gave him “warmish hands for most of the day” on his rides.

Elia shared with us a layering scheme that works for her, starting with Warm Skin (provides a protective barrier from the cold) underneath a tight fitting pair of vinyl gloves (the kind used by healthcare professionals), under a pair of thermal liner gloves (LL Bean), underneath a pair of tight fitting thick cashmere gloves or heavy wool mittens. This multi-layer combination worked very well for her out in the cold, with minimal loss of dexterity (we wondered about that with so many layers!). She credits the tight disposable gloves over the Warm Skin as the deciding factors, with the extra layers helping to add warmth.

Looks like having vinyl gloves around because of the virus has spurred some productive trials for adding layers that are working for fellow Raynaud’s sufferers. Great to hear!

Oximeter Tip – Many people with Raynaud’s have issues getting an Oximeter reading to register given our cold fingers. Stuart read the tip from Ronni in our Winter 2020 Member Tips post about how her therapist used an earlobe sensor placed on the fleshy area between her thumb and index finger to successfully get a reading. Not having an earlobe sensor, Stuart got creative and tried his thumb, thinking since the thumb is shorter and nearer to the hand, it might be less affected by the syndrome. He found his thumb did fit into the oximeter and he was able to get a reading more easily than when using his finger. We’re not sure why this works better, maybe his theory is true, or maybe it just worked for him, but he wanted to share his experience in case it helps others dealing with this issue.

With the current virus situation, being able to obtain oximeter readings is more important than ever in gauging our health status, so this tip may come in handy!

Many thanks to Paul, Elia and Stuart for contributing their solutions to our Winter 2021 Member Tips column!

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