Raynaud's and the Coronavirus Vaccine

We’ve been getting questions about people with Raynaud’s and the Coronavirus vaccine, and asked our Medical Advisory Board if Raynaud’s patients should be aware of any potential issues. Here’s what we learned:

In general, patients with primary Raynaud’s (no underlying health issues, as seen with secondary cases) should get the vaccine. Any potential side effects (resulting from the drug performing its function in protecting the body) are minor compared to the potential medical issues associated with severe cases of COVID19.

Nerves or stress associated with getting the shot may result in triggering a Raynaud’s attack, but the vaccine itself has not been shown to pose a threat to the disorder.

For those with the secondary form of Raynaud’s, please consult with your doctor, as they will best know your medical history, specific drugs you’re taking, your relevant allergies, and any other issues that might impact your response to the Coronavirus vaccines currently available.

Key considerations involving their underlying disease and medications for secondary Raynaud’s patients include:

  • Will the vaccine cause an underlying autoimmune disease to flare? The limited amount of data available suggests the answer is no.
  • Will the medications taken for the underlying disorder lower the efficacy of the vaccine? There’s really no data available today specific to the COVID vaccine, but based on the effects experienced by patients for other vaccines, there’s the potential for certain meds to reduce the efficacy by 10 to 15%. Still a worthy trade-off. Best to discuss the timing of your vaccine along with your medications with your doctor.

While we wish more data was available regarding Raynaud’s and the Coronavirus vaccine, it’s still early in the battle against the virus, and there’s much to be learned. But our medical experts are unanimous in their support for the vaccine and its potential to save lives.

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