We’re happy to introduce some new products in our Raynaud’s Store: New plush Shivers mascots and fleece zip-ups!

New Plush Shivers Mascots

Shivers Mascots and Fleece Zip-ups

Found in the Galápagos Islands, the Blue-footed Booby was a natural selection to represent the Raynaud’s community. We love the fact that the males in this species attract females with their bright blue feet as a sign of health and wellness. With input and positive support for the bird from our members and social media followers, our official spokesbird was named Shivers.

We searched for a plush version of our lovable mascot after receiving a strong holiday demand for the hand-knit version of the Blue-footed Booby in our store. While we love the small hand-made versions, they require significant time and attention to create one-at-a time.

These new cuddly stuffed animals are in stock and waiting for a warm home. Feel free to add some accessories (hats, scarves) to keep the little guy warm! You’ll be sending Shivers – and the Raynaud’s Association – a little love, as every purchase contributes to our cause in helping fellow Frosties find warmth and comfort.

New Microfleece Zip-ups

Shivers Mascots and Fleece Zip-ups

After receiving requests for a new logo apparel item that’s easier to put on and take off than our current pullover hoodies, we discovered a full-zip design made of lightweight microfleece. The fabric is more of a soft, suede-like flannel than a thick Polartec® fleece, so it’s a great way to layer for extra warmth without adding unnecessary bulk.

The warm Amethyst purple color we selected coordinates well with our Raynaud’s Charm Bracelets. Add our bright blue Fleece Logo Scarves for a colorful fashion statement! The fleece scarves sold out late last year, but are now back in stock!

We hope you’ll explore these new plush mascots and fleece zip-ups, along with our Raynaud’s NoVirGuard™ Masks, Raynaud’s Awareness Hoodies, Special Edition Heated Wristies, Raynaud’s Word Bracelets and Charm Necklaces. Your purchases in our Raynaud’s Store help spread the word for our cause and defray the costs of our awareness-building activities, member mailings, web site maintenance, and fund the thousands of educational materials distributed each year to sufferers – so please show your support!

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